Armor Of Light Ep

by With Shaking Hands

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released June 10, 2012



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With Shaking Hands Denton, Texas

We are With Shaking Hands from Denton, Texas!!

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Track Name: Still Waters
I’m drowning, I’m drowning
My lungs are filling up

I’m not ready for this
I’m not ready to die

I should have believed
When you said this water was solid ground
Pull me from the ocean floor
I am a damaged soul seeking more

Why have I fallen so far
From what I thought I was

I’m water damaged
Breathe your life into me

I had lost my faith
Lost my step
But now it’s all we have left
You’re the only one

Because you’re the only one
And the world will turn to you
Whether you believe or not
Track Name: Arma Lucis
It’s time for me to stand up
And shake the color back into my skin
For what didn’t kill me
Has only made me stronger
And what is left to fear
When you realize the one to fear
Is on our side

The King is in control
So wake up and shed your shadows

This life is not our own
And the hours are running short
So pull the armor of light
Up over your chest

For His son did not come
To bring peace but a sword

The King is in control
So wake up and shed your shadows
Track Name: Better Than Gold
We’re always falling
Falling from the sky
We’re always falling
Falling forever

We’re always falling
From the sky

You will never know
What you have until it’s gone

You should always know
That we’re always falling forever

How can I stand up when the world lives to knock me down
I’m on my knees
Crying out with all that I have
God help me find the pieces
And put me back together

Take a closer look to realize
What you had was better than gold
This world is not yours to destroy

We all share these grounds
I’m so sick of this
I’m sick of everyone preying on the weak

Blindness surrounds your eyes
You’re a product of the world
Mechanically made to crave the flesh

Father give me the strength to hold on
Track Name: Absente Lucis
If I dream, will I dream of life
Or will I dream of death
You will meet me in my sleep
Cold sweat dripping down my spine
I know you’re there, I know you’re real
You’ve found me, isolated in the night
Hot breath on my neck
The unspoken is chasing after me

I won’t sleep, I won’t sleep anymore
(Oh God, can You find me in the night?)
These walls are closing in
I’m consumed within this home
I’m alone, all alone and
No one admits you are there
This is the absence of light

The absence of light
Sent to infect us all
I see lies hiding behind your teeth
God, pour Your light into my mind
The devil has blinded me
He has blinded us
I fell asleep in hell

I fell asleep in hell
And woke up in a nightmare